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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How close are you located to downtown Guanajuato/the Centro?

We are located in a prime location very close to the Centro. Our apartments are within a pleasant 15-20 minute walk to downtown.

Is there public transportation available?

Yes. There’s a bus stop just steps away from the front door to the property. We are located along a main street, so it’s also possible and very easy to get a taxi or an Uber. You can get a taxi right up to the front door of the building.

Is there parking? Is it safe to park my car?

Yes and yes. Guests can park their car(s) on the street directly outside of the property. Pueblito de Rocha is a very safe residential neighborhood, and we’ve installed high-quality Nest security cameras to increase the safety of our guests and their vehicles.

Do you offer pickup services from the airport in Leon?

No, at this time we can’t pick guests up from the airport. However, if you would like information or help arranging transportation from the airport to our property we would be happy to discuss your situation with you after you book.

I have a group of 9+ people, but we love your property. What do we do?

Unfortunately, we can’t allow more people in the rooms than the maximum. But, for groups of this size, we offer special discounts for booking 2 or more apartments. This rule is in place because our apartments are already designed to accommodate as many people as possible, and we want to make sure that our guests are as comfortable as they can be during the entire duration of their stay.

Is your property wheelchair accessible?

No, our apartments are not wheelchair accessible. 

Are your apartments private or shared?

Our apartments are all completely private. Although the apartments are located in the same building, they are all separate from each other and the living areas and bathrooms are all private. When you rent an apartment, you can be rest assured that you will be getting your own private living space!

Do you allow pets in your apartments?

No. Devela Accommodations has a strict “No Pets” policy.

I’m interested in bringing a large group of people to Guanajuato, Mexico. Can I rent more than one apartment for my group?

Yes, of course! Devela Accommodations has a total of 4 individual apartment spaces and we regularly rent out apartments in pairs, sets of three, or even all at once for larger groups. If you are hosting an event, a family gathering, or something similar, contact us with your group details and we’ll help you arrange the perfect accommodation situation for your trip to Guanajuato!

Is there a grocery store nearby to the property?

Yes!. There are plenty of food shopping options nearby to the property. There is a well-stocked fruteria only steps away from the front door where you can buy all your fruits and veggies, along with tortillas, salsas, snack foods, cereals, and more! You can even buy meats, mllk, and bread from this store. Down the street there are tortillerias and more fruterias.

If you’re looking for a chain grocery store option, head toward downtown to go to the Soriana grocery store. There’s also a Bodega Aurrera within close walking distance. Both stores are about 7 - 10 minutes away walking, and it’s possible to get all the necessities at either of these stores as well.

Do you offer long-term rental options for 6 months or longer?

We do offer rental options for stays of 1 month or longer. If you hope to stay for longer than 6 months in Guanajuato, Devela Accommodations may be able to arrange an agreement to suit your needs. Please contact us with your reservation details and we’ll contact you back as soon as we can!

Are you close to the major tourist attractions in Guanajuato?

Yes! Devela Accommodations is in the Pueblito de Rocha neighborhood, which is in an ideal location for reaching nearly all of the Guanajuato tourist hotspots. It’s possible to walk to the centro (to see Pipila, Teatro Juarez, and all the magnificent museums and plazas), the Mummy Museum, the Callejon del Beso, and the Alhondiga de Granaditas. If you want to go up to see the mines in Valenciana, it’s possible to use the buses or get a taxi for only about 50 pesos.

Calle Subida al CBTIS #3
Pueblito de Rocha, Guanajuato, GTO, MX 36040