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About the Property

e purchased the property in Pueblito de Rocha in November 2018. Renovations started right away, and by December 2019 we’d finished construction and remodeling. All of the appliances in every apartment are brand new!

The building houses a total of 5 apartments, 3 of which are vacation rental properties that we rent out to guests from all over the world.
Two of the apartments can accommodate between 4-7 people, and for groups of 8 people or more we offer a discount for renting them both.

We also offer a suite with a queen and two twin beds with an attached private bathroom. For retreat groups, reunions, or meetups, all 3 apartments can be rented at a discounted price so long as we’re given enough advance notice so that we can accommodate your group.

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About the Neighborhood

Devala Accommodations is situated in the quiet, residential neighborhood of Pueblito de Rocha, just on the fringe of the downtown Guanajuato area.

All the necessities are located within only 200-300 meters of the property. The building is just up a small hill from a main street, so access to taxis and buses is incredibly simple; there’s a bus stop just steps away from the front door! Pueblito de Rocha is located approximately 15-20 minutes walking from the Centro, and only 5-7 minutes away via taxi or bus.

The neighborhood has more than one fruit and vegetable stand, but the one that’s located closest to the property has a diverse selection of produce, bread, pasta, cleaning supplies, toiletries, tortillas, spices, and various other related items. A short walk either way on the main street yields a total of three more fruterias, so take your pick of your favorite! We personally like the variety of the closest fruteria.

The nearest tortilleria is approximately 300 meters away from our building. This is the perfect place to get masa dough, freshly made beans, homemade salsas, and of course, tortillas! Sometimes, this tortilleria has other food and meal options available to its customers. The tortilleria is open every day of the week from approximately 9AM until late afternoon around 6PM. We recommend visiting the tortilleria earlier in the day before 2PM to make sure that they still have tortillas available to buy. For visitors to Guanajuato, freshly made tortillas are a staple and a treat.

We’re lucky enough to have an OXXO convenience store located just footsteps away from the front door of our property. This is an easy landmark for taxi drivers, and it’s also a good place to pick up things like milk and sugar. The OXXO has anything that an average convenience store anywhere in the world would have.

The nearest supermarket is a Soriana that’s about a 10 minute walk from the apartment on the way to the Centro. It’s a large supermarket with everything from a bakery and a produce section to a beauty and cosmetics area. This supermarket also has ATMs available, which are some of the closest to the apartments (there are also ATMs located outside Office Depot, which is also about 10 minute walk and conveniently located in the same building as the Bodega Aurrera supermarket).

For those who like a little exercise, there’s an excellent park within about 10 minute walk with a padded track with several workout areas including outdoor workout equipment and designated areas for hanging punching bags. To get to the track, you would take some steps across the street from the OXXO that go down toward the bus station and continue past the bus station to some more stairs that lead to a bus stop. Across the street is the park.

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Calle Subida al CBTIS #3
Pueblito de Rocha, Guanajuato, GTO, MX 36040